Neoteck IR Repeater Infrared Remote Control

— with 2 Rechargeable Batteries with Charger

  • Product Specification

    Receiver cable length 2 meters
    Emitter cable length 1 meter
    UPC Code 0753807577854


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  • Product Details
  • IR Repeater Neoteck Infrared Remote 1 Receiver 4 Emitters Control Kit Hidden IR System, USB Adapter for Amplifier Cable Box Stereo Receiver Satellite TV Receiver CD Player DVD Player Blu-ray Player

    Hidden IR Repeater 1 Receiver 4 Emitters Infrared Remote Control Kit, You can Control Your Home Theater Device/Components Which are Kept behind Closet Doors or in a Closed Cabinet by this IR Repeater System Kit

    Receiver: with a Convenient IR Confirmation LED and Pick up the Signal from the Remote Controller

    Emitter: Send the Signal to the A/V Components


    With 1 receiver which picks up the signal from the remote controller, the receiver is with a convenient IR confirmation LED

    With 4 emitters which is used to send the signals to the A/V components

    5V USB AC Power Supply

    34-60kHz operating range

    Support amplifier, cable box, stereo receiver, satellite TV receiver, CD player, DVD player, Blu-ray player or any other components which is controlled by IR signal


    Receiver cable length: 2 meters

    Emitter cable length: 1 meter

    Color: Black

    Package included:

    1 x IR Receiver

    4 x IR Emitter

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